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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Authors mixed, 24 books
Robin Paige, 5 books
Marion Chesney, 5 books
Read, Donald., 5 books
André Maurois, 4 books
R. L. La Fevers, 4 books
E. Nesbit, 4 books
John Betjeman, 4 books
William Scovell Adams, 3 books
Donald Read, 3 books
Samuel Lynn Hynes, 3 books
Gordon Brook-Shepherd, 3 books
Minney, R. J., 2 books
Raymond, E. T., 2 books
Petrie, Charles Sir, 2 books
Walter James Macqueen-Pope, 2 books
Helen Bradley, 2 books
Ham Mukasa, 2 books
Chris Cook, 2 books
Frances Hodgson Burnett, 2 books
John Van der Kiste, 2 books
Norman McCord, 2 books
John S. Goodall, 2 books
Juliet Gardiner, 2 books
Andrew D. Lambert, 2 books


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