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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jacques Le Goff, 13 books
Georges Duby, 11 books
Barbara Hanawalt, 8 books
Clifford Davidson, 8 books
Emile Mâle, 7 books
Guy Fourquin, 6 books
Davis, Norman, 6 books
Régine Pernoud, 6 books
Olga Weijers, 6 books
Colum Hourihane, 6 books
Shulamith Shahar, 6 books
Frank Thorn, 6 books
Jaroslav Folda, 6 books
Robert Latouche, 5 books
Raymond Oursel, 5 books
Kurt Weitzmann, 5 books
Clifford J. Rogers, 5 books
Vito Fumagalli, 5 books
Bernard S. Bachrach, 5 books
Constance Brittain Bouchard, 5 books
Pierre Bonnassie, 5 books
Nilda Guglielmi, 5 books
Sara Wood, 5 books
Vojislav J. Đurić, 5 books
Coulton, G. G., 4 books


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