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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dan Berindei, 4 books
Gelu Neamțu, 3 books
Ileana Petrescu, 2 books
Gelu Neamțu, 2 books
V. Cristian, 2 books
Egyed, Ákos., 2 books
Gheorghe Platon, 2 books
Arnošt Klíma, 2 books
Liviu Botezan, 2 books
Ioan Bolovan, 2 books
J. J Toužimský, 2 books
Ela Cosma, 2 books
Silviu Dragomir, 2 books
I. I. Udalʹt͡sov, 2 books
Victor Cheresteșiu, 2 books
Václav Žáček, 1 book
Josef Macůrek, 1 book
Cristache Gheorghe, 1 book
Constantin Ucrain, 1 book
Adrian T. Pascu, 1 book
Emil Manu, 1 book
Paul D. Popescu, 1 book
Vournas, Tasos., 1 book
Wolfgang Häusler, 1 book
R. Maršan, 1 book


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