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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Judith A. Lansdowne, 11 books
Marlene Suson, 7 books
Emma Jensen, 6 books
Barbara Hazard, 5 books
Jane Ashford, 4 books
Sara Blayne, 3 books
Marion Chesney, 3 books
Janis Laden, 3 books
Mary Brendan, 2 books
Sheila Rabe, 2 books
Elizabeth Mansfield, 2 books
Anne Ashley, 2 books
Martha Kirkland, 1 book
Jacqueline Diamond, 1 book
Joan Overfield, 1 book
Amanda Grange, 1 book
Clare Darcy, 1 book
Joan Smith, 1 book
Janet Louise Roberts, 1 book
Francesca Shaw, 1 book
Sheila Bishop, 1 book
Elizabeth Mansfield, 1 book
Anne Barbour, 1 book
Teresa DesJardien, 1 book
Sara Blayne, 1 book


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