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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chris Schweizer, 6 books
Paul Goble, 5 books
Gerald McDermott, 5 books
Cathy Spagnoli, 4 books
Janell Cannon, 3 books
Lewis Hyde, 3 books
Gretchen Mayo, 3 books
Deborah L. Duvall, 2 books
Robinson, Gail., 2 books
Brinton Turkle, 2 books
Paul V. A. Williams, 2 books
W. A. Clouston, 2 books
Enid Welsford, 2 books
Deward E. Walker, 2 books
Joanne Harris, 2 books
John Matthews, 2 books
Caitlin Matthews, 2 books
Muriel Gray, 2 books
W. T. Lhamon, 2 books
Gail Robinson, 2 books
Karsten Knight, 2 books
Silvana Miceli, 1 book
Radin, Paul, 1 book
Gail Robinson, 1 book
Yamashita, Haruo, 1 book


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