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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Hepplewhite, 5 books
Luo Guanzhong, 3 books
C. H. Brewitt-Taylor, 3 books
Peter Tonge, 3 books
Richard Brown, 2 books
Grace Hallworth, 2 books
Martin Knowlden, 2 books
Neil Tonge, 2 books
Angelina Szot , 2 books
Barbara Stilwell, 2 books
Florence B. Freedman, 1 book
William Hoffer, 1 book
Martin Ingram, 1 book
John McGowan, 1 book
St. John D. Seymour, 1 book
Sylvester Stein, 1 book
Clee Woods, 1 book
Janice Carter, 1 book
David Wolstencroft, 1 book
Alan Brooke, 1 book
Joe Pieri, 1 book
Mary Cartwright, 1 book
Tim Johnston, 1 book
Ettore Biocca, 1 book
Graham Wood, 1 book


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