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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ken Wachsberger, 5 books
Marco Morel, 3 books
Claude Widor, 2 books
Elliott Shore, 2 books
Patricia J. Case, 2 books
P. Eric Louw, 2 books
Mark Barbakadze, 2 books
Geoffrey Rips, 2 books
Aleksandr Suetnov, 2 books
Ed Sanders, 2 books
Don Carnahan, 2 books
Russell Kick, 2 books
Vincent Bernière, 2 books
Les Switzer, 2 books
Mary-Alice Waters, 2 books
Tom Trusky, 2 books
Keyan G. Tomaselli, 2 books
John L. Noyce, 2 books
John Speirs, 1 book
Robert J. Glessing, 1 book
Sally Dennison, 1 book
Bill Jones, 1 book
Daniel Raunet, 1 book
A. I. Kurasov, 1 book
Georgiĭ Filippovich Pavli͡uchenkov, 1 book


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