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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Christopher Coker, 3 books
Michel Foucault, 3 books
Umberto Curi, 2 books
Martin L. Van Creveld, 2 books
Janine Chanteur, 2 books
Paul Virilio, 2 books
Larry May, 2 books
Ira Katznelson, 2 books
Herfried Münkler, 2 books
Gianluca Giannini, 2 books
Domenico Losurdo, 2 books
David Swanson, 2 books
G. Kvasha, 2 books
Delphine Thivet, 2 books
Christine Sylvester, 2 books
Gershon Weiler, 2 books
Théodore Monod, 2 books
Alfieri, Luigi, 1 book
Ann Loades, 1 book
Joe Simmons, 1 book
Bertrand Russell, 1 book
Emile Boutroux, 1 book
Christine Jane Carter, 1 book
Mo, Di, 1 book
Moriya, Hiroshi, 1 book


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