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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Weal, 4 books
Gordon Williamson, 4 books
David Fletcher, 3 books
Ambrose, Stephen E., 3 books
Andrew Thomas, 3 books
Carl Molesworth, 3 books
Gordon Williamson, 3 books
Barrett Tillman, 3 books
Doug Stanton, 2 books
James William Morley, 2 books
Douglas Brinkley, 2 books
John Erickson, 2 books
Mark Henry, 2 books
William Auerbach, 2 books
Philip Jowett, 2 books
Lee Archer, 2 books
Joseph E. Persico, 2 books
Peter C. Smith, 2 books
George Forty, 2 books
Childers, Thomas, 2 books
Steve Zaloga, 2 books
Randall T. Wakelam, 2 books
Martin J. Brayley, 2 books
Bernard Lonjon, 2 books
Gavan Daws, 2 books


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