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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joni Lovenduski, 8 books
Fanny Tabak, 7 books
Jane S. Jaquette, 6 books
Eleanor Roosevelt, 5 books
Drude Dahlerup, 5 books
Evelyne Tardy, 5 books
Penney Kome, 5 books
Rogelio Garcia, 5 books
Anne Phillips, 5 books
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, 5 books
Thomas, Sue, 5 books
Gloria Ardaya, 4 books
Linda J. Trimble, 4 books
Caroline Andrew, 4 books
Linda K. Kerber, 4 books
Margaret Ward, 4 books
Lois Duke Whitaker, 4 books
Janine Mossuz-Lavau, 4 books
Mino Vianello, 4 books
Maria Nzomo, 4 books
Pong-suk Son, 4 books
Georgina Waylen, 4 books
Clyde Wilcox, 4 books
Alisa Del Re, 4 books
Pippa Norris, 4 books


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