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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Russell Ash, 13 books
Craig Glenday, 13 books
Jenifer Corr Morse, 10 books
Anita Ganeri, 7 books
Guinness (Firm), 7 books
Norris McWhirter, 7 books
Ryan Herndon, 6 books
Guinness World Records, 6 books
Guinness World Records Limited, 6 books
Kris Hirschmann, 5 books
Claire Folkard, 5 books
Annie Barrows, 4 books
Stuart A. Kallen, 4 books
Les Krantz, 4 books
Mark C. Young, 4 books
Daniel Gilpin, 3 books
Jessie Carney Smith, 3 books
DK Publishing, 3 books
Jenifer Morse, 3 books
Cynthia O'Brien, 3 books
Rupert Matthews, 3 books
Ben Sherwood, 2 books
Nick Iversen, 2 books
Caroline Ash, 2 books
Cari Meister, 2 books


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