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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mick Foley, 7 books
Brian Shields, 7 books
Kevin Sullivan, 7 books
Adam Stone, 7 books
Mike Chapman, 5 books
Matt Hunter, 5 books
Edward R. Ricciuti, 5 books
Tracey West, 5 books
Matt Scheff, 5 books
Robert Picarello, 4 books
Nick Gordon, 4 books
Michael Sandler, 4 books
Daniel Cohen, 4 books
Steve Pantaleo, 4 books
Thomas Ryan, 3 books
Julie Sampson, 3 books
Kristian Pope, 3 books
Chris Jericho, 3 books
T︠S︡ Bat-Ochir, 3 books
Bridget Heos, 3 books
Shāhid Nazīr Cauhdarī, 3 books
Hulk Hogan, 3 books
Jon Robinson, 3 books
Howard Brody, 2 books
Lynn Marr-Moore, 2 books


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